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David Garza has a great talent for helping the human body heal. His extensive knowledge of how the body works, what makes it hurt and what can be done to help it recover is exceptional. I experienced pain and pulled muscles in several regions of my body. David was easily able to locate and rehab those areas in just a few sessions. He is friendly and professional and I would highly recommend his skills to anyone feeling pain or discomfort.



I was referred to David by my trainer, after I pinched a nerve in my neck while doing burpees.  I couldn't fully move my neck to the left for about a week.  Once I pinched the nerve, I only could move it about 10 degrees to the left. I was able to text David my problem and he asked me a series of questions so he could be familiar with the pain I was having prior to my visit. On my first visit with David, he asked me again where the pain was and if it had become better or worse.  He also recorded it, so we could keep track of the progress. Next he showed me on a muscular skeleton where the pain was and what could attribute or exacerbate it in every day life.  He said he would focus on the areas that would help my injury heel and that it may take about 2-3 sessions to get the pinched nerve feeling better.  He was correct, after the first session, I instantly felt better and I had more movement in my neck, to about 45 degrees. He suggested I change my seating position in my car to help it out and to be more conscious about the way I stand.  By the time the second session rolled around, I was already feeling much better, and after the third session, I could no longer feel the pinched nerve and I was able to fully rotate my neck to the left.  David has a great way listening to what is wrong, identifying the problem and before he even begins, he will tell you how he's going to approach the massage.  Afterwards, he lets you know what to do at home to help, and what to do in between your next session. I would definitely recommend David for anyone who works out (like I do), and needs some sort of sports therapy afterwards; anyone who has a injury dealing with muscles or nerves (like I did) and wants to try alternative therapy; and for anyone who just wants a really great deep tissue massage and body work.  He is very professional and will answer calls or texts anytime you need massage and body work done.  Additionally, he is conveniently located and is able to work around hectic schedules. 



I've seen David for my neck, shoulder, lower back, and feet problems. Usually when I go to see him I get a full body massage, but at times he concentrates on the areas that are bothering me the most. I've seen lots of massage therapists, but never one who is as professional and knowledgeable as David. He takes his time to explain where the problem lays and why it may be bothering you, as well as what his treatment plan will be. Additionally, he'll give you suggestions on how to work on certain exercises at home. David treats your body as a whole. He also tries to work around your schedule to accommodate your needs. I have referred several of my friends to David and all of them have been very pleased with his services.