Investing in massage is an investment in your health. 

All session are billed the same based on time.

$90.00/Hour $120.00/Hour and a Half

The Modalities I use are:


Deep Tissue - for structural integration and balance.


Swedish - light, medium, or firm pressure.


Sports Massage - pre/post event and injury recovery.


Trigger Point - for chronic and sometimes acute pain.


Medical Massage - Carpal Tunnel , Sciatic Nerve , Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction(TMJ) , migraines and headaches, and more


It is common that I use most of these in a session to some degree. Of course, if you would prefer to have a session that is mainly Swedish or Deep Tissue for example we can customize the session to your preference.

Service/Product Rate  
Hour and a half session $120 / 90 minutes
Hour Session $90 / 60 minutes