About the Practitioner

Credentials and Training


State Certification 2005
Medical Massage- 70 hours
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology- 60 hours
Deep Tissue- 7 hours
Advanced Anatomy and Pathology- 18 hours
Trigger Points and Connective Tissue- 12 hours
Facial Compress and Body Wrap 

Fundamentals- 9 hours
Massage Therapy Instructor- 30 hours
Utilizing Massage Therapy Research- 10 hours
Build your Practice- 3 hours
Insurance Billing and Ethics- 6 hours
Ethical Case Management- 6 hours

Practice Philosophy 


In my practice, I believe it is important to work with my clients. We exchange information as the treatment progresses, building on what works and taking out what is not effective. Every client's session is customized with the aim to provide you with lasting results. I work within your pain tolerance so that there is little to no risk of causing a setback or injury. When I apply pressure, I lean into the body instead of pushing so you do not feel like you're being attacked. If you are guarding(tensing up your muscles), there is not an opportunity to get a lasting positive change. If there is a pain, it should be the hurt so good, pleasant pain. There may be a little discomfort but you can feel that it is tolerable and overall pleasant. If it is not, let me know and I will adjust. No one gets better from being assaulted. Some, but not all, of the medical massage protocols can be aggressive but we will talk through them first so you are prepared for the session.

Why I do what I do 


I love to help people. I love to learn about the body, how it works, heals, and how it responds to bodywork. It is a great feeling to free clients from stiffness, stress, and pain. I have worked with hundreds of clients and accumulated well over 10,000 hours of hands-on work over the 17 years I have been licensed. There can be no marriage without devotion and I am completely devoted to what I do. This is not just something I do to make a living, it is a part of my identity. I am a devoted husband, father, and bodyworker. 

A little bit about me


In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing outside with my two sons, working in my yard, and cooking with my beautiful wife of 13 years Kathryn. My interests include Houston sports (go Texans, Rockets, and Astros!), anatomy, astronomy, art, literature, music, and movies.